European Tour Part 2

Our time at camping Bonanza was coming to a close and our chances of travelling any further getting less and less likely due to time constraints. But not before we made a trip down to the promenade in Blankenburg and spotted the most amazing parade along the harbour. Even managed to spot a very nice coastguard Land Rover. As I said in Part 1, our 5 day schedule was tight and it proved to be such that we couldn’t manage more than 2 countries on this visit. We did however make it into Brugge before heading aback across the coast road past Dunkirk and some of the other battlefields of the great wars.

We were soon back on the road and on our way back to the ferry port at Calais. This time we had a good chance to look at the huge security measures that have been taken to stop people entering Britain illegally. The Calais port looks positively like a high security prison with massive high fences and razor wire as far as the eye can see. We were soon in and through border control though and onto the ferry for the homeward journey.

On the return journey we again opted for the VIP Lounge with complimentary drinks. Worth every penny of the £20 we paid for the privilege and will definitely pay it again. Everyone outside on the main decks cafes, restaurants and seating areas looks so uncomfortable and cramped.

On our return to the UK our intention had been to head towards Severn Sisters and Hop Farm which boasts the biggest collection of Victorian Oast Houses in the UK.

At this point we were feeling sad. Tomorrow was home time.

However, as per our unpredictable travelling nature. Turns out tomorrow wasn’t home time but another unplanned night with the in-laws at a sight just outside Tewksbury with the great Tewksbury Abbey on our doorstep. And the gin, wine and cider was quick to rear it’s head………happy camping 🙂

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