Long breaks leave lots of time for change.

I should probably start by reading over my last post for it was so long ago and so much has changed in that period too that I a) cant remember what I wrote and b) am not sure if I’ll be duplicating stuff here if I dont. So just wait one whilst I do that……

Day trip to Porthcawl

Ok I’m back…… so last time, I wrote about the van and Land Rover Daisy and our dreams of travelling. I said how we were planning on getting a driveway awning and how we would get the OLO logo on the van. Well I’m glad to say some of these things have materialised and some have not – for better or for worse!

Logos are on!

I’m sad to announce firstly that Daisy has gone, she was too big sick for me to fix and I was starting to feel that my time in Land Rovers was coming to an end anyway, I think I was just clinging on really. I don’t really miss it, though I do miss seeing the guys at our local club (well, most of them at least, some I wouldn’t p%$s on if they were on fire frankly!). Most we are really fond of though and if your reading this you’ll know who you are – we miss you guys – I know many of you subscribe. Its probably been nearly a year now since my last post here and our last visit to a club meeting too.

The bike looking down towards Llwyn Onn in the Brecon Beacons

But as I eluded to earlier so many changes in that time. Primary of those I guess is a change of role in work. I am shift based now and I do 4 long days and nights but then get 6 days off. So in every 10 days I only work 4. Must not grumble at that and it leaves me so much time for family and interests. It does have its downsides though, it’s a critical 24/7 role for a start and my shift pattern is never the same and it often falls on weekends. Looking into the future theres a few Christmas days and birthdays I’ll be working too. I love my job though, its thankless but it gives me an incredible sense of pride knowing I’m doing something that is really helping to make the world a safer place to live in.

Miss OLO sporting our hoodies next to the fire

The van is logo’d up now so give us a toot if you see us about but we decided against the driveaway. We decided it’s a lot of money for something we’d probably hardly use. We rarely stay at a campsite more than one night before moving on. It’s also had some work done to extend the bed, we’ve added more lights, some overhead storage and other bits and bobs. It does have the most annoying leak from the skylight though which I really need to fix. I’m thinking some butyl rubber tape might work?

I’ve also fallen back into the outdoors way now I no longer have Land Rover to occupy my time. I’ve taken up bushcraft again and in particular I’ve turned my hand to carving and whittling. Its massively satisfying and I could sit there all day if Miss OLO would let me. So far I’ve tried spoons, cups and some faces to varying degrees of success. Defo more practice required!

Probably my best carving attempt so far.

My full bike licence was acquired in August 2019 and I’m now a proud owner of a BMW F650GS and the freedom of being able to jump on that and have some anti-social time is bliss to me. I’m hoping to combine a wild camp (Bushcraft style) with a bike ride in the coming weeks. And that’ll come to your screens in the form of You Tube Vlog if I pull it off so keep your eyes peeled for that one. It’ll be a full overnighter probably up in the Beacons somewhere so I’ll probably wait for the weather to turn before attempting it.

Gosh, that’s a really, really quick look at what we have been upto this last 10 months. For those that have stuck with me and continue to subscribe I thank you and I promise I will start throwing more content in the coming weeks and months.


P.s. last but by no means least. I mentioned Miss OLO above. Well I’m happy to say that come April 2nd Miss OLO will become MRS OLO. So very exciting times ahead for us.

Yummy damper bread cooked in the Dutch oven.
Near the Lakes. Stunning place but the name escapes me.
The bed extension coming on nicely.
More like 11 hours. Traffic was a mare!
Wild camp. The best kind.
Another spoon comes to life.
BBQ in Bude.

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