Stay Home. Save Lives.

Hey ya’ll, Hope lockdown life is not treating you too badly. Listen I’ll say the important part first, we all want to be out right now don’t we but just this once we have to be grown ups and listen up. Part of my job is involved with the governments surge effort against Covid-19 so when I say I know that staying home is making a difference, I really mean that and my account is firsthand. As I sit here writing this the temperature in my sun trap of a garden hit 30 degrees Celsius. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, I have a garden. I know many of you won’t but if we can just see this out I’m sure we will all be back out travelling in time for summer. So what have I been doing to keep myself busy. Well my knees are still showing no signs of getting better but I’m still able to get out on my daily exercise and I live right close to a wood where I can spend a few hours in total isolation. Well, except for my buddy Teulu dog, he rarely leaves my side. On one of these trips I stumbled upon a wonderful piece of hazel which I took home and made up a new walking stick. I added a nice handle and some pacing beads so i can stay on top of my navigation practice.
My new stick with pace beads.
I purposely made this stick to be 130cm tall and the reason for that is that I plan to do a bushcraft overnighter as soon as we are allowed back out. I’ll be using a tarp tent setup if I cannot find two decent enough trees to hang my hammock off. For a tarp tent to work the stick that holds the whole thing up needs to be that size
Tarp tent. Note the centre pole holding it all up.
So that’s the walking stick ready and the tent is up. Next thing every good camper needs is a decent beer so on an essential shopping trip (genuine weekly shop) I also stocked up on a range of beverages. Some were less of a success than others.
This was not one of the better choices!
So chocolate and vanilla stout is out of the question. Nor for me. However, give a Welshman a quality Welsh cider and and he’ll give you his heart!
Gwynt y Ddraig or Dragons Breath….I think. Literal translation is Dragons wind.
Finish that off with a quality BBQ and a spot of bird watching and you’ll see that actually quite a lot is achievable all from the comfort of ones own castle and grounds.
Actually, I didn’t take a pic of mine. This was my bro in laws so I’ve pinched it for my blog. Hope you don’t mind Mr P!
Name that bird? It’s an easy one.
So that’s another quick blog from me guys and gals. Not got a lot to say this time around. But once more I will say this…… Take care. Stay safe. Stay home. We’ll see you on the road soon enough.

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