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So this is it. I thought the old logo was starting to look a bit dated. And if you looked up close you could see it was very Land Rover centric. As we move away from the Land Rover scene slightly and concentrate more on a broader range of the stuff we enjoy. This logo, we think, looks more modern but also gives a better understanding of what’s to come as the content we post is likely to evolve over the coming weeks and months. There will still be Land Rovers so panic thee not but also more of the bike, the bushcraft, the travel and other stuff too.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

But for now, just remember, stay home. Travel and adventure time will come but we must remain patient for how.

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4 Replies to “New Logo”

  1. Hi guys, loving the new logo! Will you be selling any vehicle stickers with the new logo? Hope you’re all well, not seen you all for ages! Stay safe! M & L! ?

    1. Hey both, we must have a meetup once all this craziness is over. I have someone working on a leather patch at mo. Once that’s made vehicle stickers will be next. I’ll keep you updated. See you both soon.

    1. Thanks, we think so too. It took several designs before we settled on this one. Hopefully you’ll see it out and about again soon. Take care both.

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