Welcome to the world

Welcome to the the big wide world of adventure, camping, fun and the outdoors little man.

Hey all, just wanted to introduce little Harri, just a few weeks old now. He is an absolute bundle of joy and is so going to be my sidekick on bushcraft trips into the woods and camping trips on mountain tops or towing the trailer to exciting new destinations across Europe. He has all that coming  to him.

We are now a family of 5 if we include Teulu dog (well, technically 6 but Caitlin is all grown up and rarely comes along these days) so we’ll no doubt be packed to the rafters with kit and gear when we go away in future.

Anyway, watch this space and you’ll see a lot more of this little man.

2 Replies to “Welcome to the world”

  1. He’ll be handy on the trail when all the others are too old to come out and play with Dad.

    1. Hey buddy, thanks for reading. Hope your well. Yes, I fully intend to mould him to my ways so I really hope so. He’ll be driving me around in 20 years hopefully.

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