UPDATE 6/2/21 – Operation Underdog

Date: 5 February 2021

So, today is the start of what I have chosen to name Op Underdog.

What this means is that I am determined to make my Freelander 2 as capable as it can be. I promised myself I’d leave this one standard for its first year……I lasted 6 months! Modified Land Rovers are in my blood, I just have to scratch that itch.

I know Freelanders are largely seen as not even in the same ballpark as Discovery’s and Defenders i.e they are the underdog 😀 And don’t get me wrong, I have owned Defenders and Discovery’s with various engines and they are very capable vehicles so my FL2 has an awful lot to live up to. But I’m quietly confident that it’ll take on almost anything I can throw at it. Providing I’m sensible with the mods and ensure it has all the protection it needs that is I think I can make it a worthy contender.

I’ve also purchased a Bearmach winch and a winch mount from the excellent Muddy Mods. Together with some Maxtrax. So if I do get in a bit of a pickle they should be my get out of jail free card!

Each time I add a new piece of kit I’ll keep this post updated so keep checking back for the latest developments.

Today was the turn of the awning and the extra roof bars

Date: 6 February 2021

Today I was determined to fit the light guards and I did. Front a rear. Front look awesome bu the rears were always going to be questionable!

I have the facelift FL2 and to my knowledge rear guards for the new shape lights don’t exists so I took a gamble on fitting them but they look horrendous so I’ve taken them off again.

But, big but, I do think they can be altered. If I can just make those circles round over instead of under and we could be onto a winner.

Still to do is:

  • Tank guard
  • Steering guard
  • Diff/Haldex guard
  • Light guards
  • Winch mount
  • Winch
  • Snorkel (when it arrives)
  • Fit vhf antenna*
  • Fit cb antenna*

*cb and vhf are already fitted inside the vehicle

So watch this space for more updates in the coming weeks.

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