About Us

We are two people with a thirst for travel, adventure, overlanding, bushcraft and the general outdoors. We met several years ago and currently live in South Wales, UK with our young daughter Alys & Teulu –  the Cocker Spaniel.

We wanted to share our experiences with anyone one who has the time to read our blog, our Instagram, You Tube channel or Facebook Page.

As well as our overlanding travels we will also blog about the Land Rover, 4×4 and Overland shows we visit up and down the UK as well as the bushcraft and our general outdoor antics. The shows probably account for the biggest part of our travels in any one year so keep your eyes peeled for that as there’ll be lots to tell.

By now your probably wondering why One Life Overland. Afterall, there’s plenty One Life….blah, blah, blah accounts about, right? First of all for those of you that don’t know let me tell you a bit about the actual ‘One Life, Live It’ motto which is where our One Life Overland stems from in part.

It seems to link back to the Camel Trophy series of adventure challenges when Land Rover supplied the vehicles for the expeditions and it just seems to have stuck with Land Rover ever since. In particular, I understand it was born at the 1984 Tierra Del Fuego Camel Cup when it was still considered acceptable to tear hundreds of 4×4’s on a race through dense rain forest. Not something that would ever happen again but they were fun to watch nevertheless.

For me however, it’s far more than that. You see back in 2011 Marc had a heart attack (well, a few actually) and afterwards found out that he suffers from a hereditary condition that means his body cannot control cholesterol. Thankfully, all controlled by medication now which I will take for the rest of my life but still I’m here, that’s the main thing. So, that is the reason why I named our account One Life Overland. It’s not just about the link to Land Rovers and Overlanding but more about the reality that we really do only get one shot at life and you really should live it to it’s fulllest.

We hope you enjoy and welcome any constructive comments.