Our Overland Trailer

Well the trusty old Sankey that saw us through last years European trip and show season has gone to its new owner who has promised me that he’ll take on the project and make it even better than I did.

We have had our eyes on a customer trailer for a while. What we really wanted was a proper trailer tent with built on floor and Annex section and we are absolutely thrilled with out new one that we picked up from Nene Overland in January 2018.

Made in South Africa and driven to the UK by its previous owner it even came with SA number plate and licence disk so there’s a real story behind this one and it’s the one that’ll now see us comfortable our in Morocco and Portugal.

It needs some work on electrics and charging system and we’ve already moved the spare wheel to a more convenient location and got rid of the hard boxes that it came with. I’m sure they’d be handy for some but we didn’t feel they’d suit us so they currently gathering dust in back of the garage.

We have yet to get out in it for the first time overnight but we do have a trip to Llangattock planned at the end of March which will be it’s first real test. Though we are hoping to have a night away on our own before that so we can figure out how we’ll setup the kitchen and organise all our kit.

We’ve added led strip lights and hope to run everything on 12v with the exception of our gas stove and Kampa water heater which we plan to purchase in the next few weeks. I’m also keen to add drawers to the rear but Lis still needs some convincing that will work.

For now i guess it’s a case of watch this space and see how we make it ours over the coming 12 months.

Though I must say we already have eyes for a 4×4 camper so who knows what the future holds.

And always remeber…. Carpe Diem!!! 

Until next time, see ya 🙂